Soft Goods is a garment factory based in Detroit, MI. Since 2018, we have strived to make the garment manufacturing process accessible for all. We do this by offering fully custom premium apparel at lower minimums, shorter lead times, and with high-touch customer service to ensure we deliver the product you are seeking.

Premium Apparel

Top quality fabrics with expert workmanship

Every step of our supply chain and manufacturing process is built to deliver the highest quality garment possible. We source the best available cotton jersey & fleece. Each garment is cut & sewn by our team of expert sewers. All of our styles have been wear tested for months on end, ensuring the construction will hold up for countless wears. No detail has been overlooked.

Partnership Focused

Best-in-class communication & transparency

Apparel manufacturing is an intricate process. We understand how challenging it can be to find reliable partners for design, sourcing, and production. We know because we’ve done it. We aim to make the manufacturing process as painless as possible by providing best-in-class communication and transparency, while servicing your project from start to finish.

Made in USA

Manufactured in Detroit, MI

Since 2018, we have operated out of our facility in Detroit, MI. We exist to create employment opportunities in our community -- this is our core mission. We operate with a clear purpose, and the result is a high level of care that is evident in the product we produce.

Ethical Manufacturing

Best-in-class communication & transparency

Ethical manufacturing can feel contradictory. Garment factories, both in the U.S. and abroad, have become synonymous with low wages, long hours, and dangerous working conditions. We want to change the narrative. We do this by providing living wages, 40-hour weeks, a safe and inclusive work environment, and upward mobility for every member of our team. We can be the change in this industry.

Sustainable Approach

Local supply chain, efficient shipping, and ever improving sustainable practices

We aim to run as sustainable of a factory as we can. We exclusively use natural materials in our fabric (cotton), and our polyester is made from recycled water bottles. We upcycle almost all of our fabric scraps within our community. Our local supply chain reduces supply chain waste by up to 7,500 miles, and our central location (Detroit) reduces shipping emissions considerably.